😉 What is Emoji?⬆

Emoji (えもじ, ç””æ–‡ć­—) was initially adopted by Japanese mobile phones.

INFOBAR 2, this mobile phone was released in Japan in 2007.

Later it was included in Unicode.
With this you can now use Emoji.

Google Chrome

Are you using Google Chrome? Please right click on address or form.
There is “Emoji” in that menu.

đŸ“Č Emoji Domain⬆

Because Emoji is adopted by Unicode, it can also be used as a domain name!

Many of the country domains(ccTLD) are restricted to the language of that country. In this case, Emoji domain can not be registered.

Currently in the address frame of the browser, Emoji domain is displayed in Punycode.
It will be displayed as https://xn–ll8h.tk instead of https://🎮.tk.

The browser treats Internationalized Domain Names (IDN) as follows:

See also the following specification for handling Unicode strings:

Google Search can display emoji domain!
This has the advantage of registering enough Emoji domains.

⌹ Punycode Converter⬆

đŸ—ș Types of Emoji domains⬆

Registration of the emoji domain is possible for the following domains:

There may be other domains that can be registered, but that is not official.

The emoji domain registration site is limited:

🆓 Freenom⬆


This you can register of Emoji domain for free. but please note the following points:

You can also purchase the Freenom domain.
It will not have to worry about the above cautions.

đŸ”ș ZEIT Now (now.sh)⬆


You can easily publish the Web with the now command by Now CLI.
Or you can deploy from a committed source in cooperation with GitHub.

Of course you can also use Emoji.now.sh!


The only point to pay attention to is to specify the domain name with now.\json or now alias command with Punycode.

ZEIT has provided new DNS since January 2019:

DNS set by domain is different,
DNS to be set up is obtained with the “now alias” command or E-mail.

[a-f].zeit.world is an old DNS. This DNS will be useless afterwards!

After that you can use it like ASCII subdomain.now.sh and custom domains.

🌐 Netlify⬆


Do you like publishing the web with Netlify?
You can use Emoji domain with Netlify.

but you can not set IDN.netlify.com. It is limited to custom domains.

Please use Punycode for Emoji domain.
You can use other functions like ASCII domain.

I have recently figured out that there is a problem
with issuing Let’s Encrypt within Netlify.
If you encounter it, please issue Let’s Encrypt elsewhere
and apply with “Provide your own certificate” of Netlify.

🐙 GitHub Pages⬆


Of course you can choose GitHub Pages instead!
This page 🎮.tk is provided by GitHub Pages:

fu-sen/xn–ll8h.tk | GitHub

Please enter Punycode in the Custom domain field. (Setting - GitHub Pages)

GitHub Pages

Other than that, You can use it like ASCII custom domains.

🩝 GitLab Pages⬆


Do you like raccoon dog(tanuki) more than cats and octopuses?
Do you like Google more than Microsoft?
I understood. You are a GitLab faction better than GitHub.
Of course GitLab Pages can also use emoji domain!

Please specify domain name with Punycode. This is the only caution.

By the way, by making the user name with Punycode, you can make emoji sub domain.
I am doing it:

🎈.gitlab.io forwarding to balloon.im

🌳 Surge⬆


By using Punycode, you can publish your website on Surge.

Of course you can use Emoji.surge.sh.


but Surge has fixed robots.txt so that Google and others can not index subdomain.surge.sh.

If you use Surge for free, SSL will not be offered to the custom domain.

🔍 Google⬆

The following service can handle Emoji domain properly:

Fortunately, there is no need to convert to Punycode.
These services recognize emoji domains.
Also, even if you enter in Punycode
it will be converted to emoji domain and displayed.

đŸ’« Cloudflare⬆


Cloudflare is useful when such is the case:

I use Cloudflare as a means of enabling SSL.
Cloudflare also provides a name server. To my delight it is free to use!

Cloudflare also recognizes the Emoji domain.

🌍 EU.org⬆


This is a bonus. You can use Emoji.eu.org!
You can also select several subdomains. Because I am from Japan:


A name server is required to register EU.org.
I know one name server that I can use for that purpose:

Usually you should proceed with Punycode.
The EU.org system corresponds to IDN and can be converted and displayed.

🆓 FreeDNS (freedns.afraid.org)⬆


This is a bonus. too. You can use Emoji sub domain!


freedns.work is registered with FreeDNS,
but it does not share subdomains. (Stealth)

Please use Punycode and set it.

📝 Maked by⬆

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